About me

Hello my name is Jessica and I’m the founder of Whole Birth and Beyond. 

Having worked for years in media, publishing, and events I decided to follow my heart and to retrain to teach hypnobirthing. I discovered hypnobirthing whilst pregnant with my son and found it incredibly insightful, useful, and powerful – I loved that it was so science based and full of practical information that taught skills that I was able to really put into practice immediately. 

It gave me loads of confidence before my birth, and I’d love to say that I had a beautiful straightforward, drug free water birth as planned (I didn’t). I had a complicated birth that resulted in an emergency c section under general – however, everything I’d learnt during my hypnobirthing classes kept me calm, and I do look back at most of my labour as a positive experience. 

I feel passionate about working with expectant mothers who perhaps are not wrapped up in the glossy side of pregnancy and who have maybe taken a road that’s been a little turbulent to get to this point. Perhaps you've had issues with fertility, suffered with extreme morning sickness or other pregnancy complications. 

I’m not a mother earth type person, and my pregnancy and birth story were no fairy tale – but I can offer support, I can help educate and give you tools to give yourself the best chance to have a calm birth and feel full of confidence and empowered.